Who Am I?

Uma foto minha

While you are getting to know me, what about some music? I'm hearing from right now.

My name is Guilherme Ventura, I am 25 years old, 7 of which working with programming. I am graduated in Computer Science, working for Matterway, solving problems with JavaScript.

I also have some experience with C#, SQL/T-SQL and Java (focused on Android). I am always studying other languages and frameworks, like Ruby and Ruby on Rails.


My idea with the blog is to share my day to day experiences, and to exercise my writing skills. I am always active on Twitter, sharing stuff that are of my interest. Sometimes may appear posts by myself, take a look!

A Little Story About Me

My entrance into the development career was kind of accidental. I was always the "computer boy", always fascinated by these incredible machines, but I had no idea about the programming world. The closes I've come to a script was in RPG Maker, with RGSS. Besides that, I've gone to far from Paint.

I started working when I was 16, as an office boy (actually, an under age apprentice) in a manufacturing company. In one of my wanderings through the company, I met the development section, responsible of developing and maintaining part of the production controlling software. That was when I discovered we can program computers! 😮

Since that day, still in high school, I started studying Java by my own. In the comings and goings from work, I talked to the development guys with some doubts and progresses, until the day I was hired as an intern in the .Net team.

And that's how my development career started, in February 2012, and since then I have this as a profession and hobby.